The Skiing perspective

Real Estate Agent with Chase

Well,a few of us actually took a break for a few hours today and went skiing  at

to revitalize.The conditions are perfect,lots of snow,moderate temperatures and some we encourage all of you that are busily working to take a little break ,and all of this business will be here when you return.

We had our company meeting this week which was very inspiring.Guy Johnson of our agents gave an incredible short snippet about his blog, Diane Cohn and Guy support the blog together and are incredibly innovative.He had a comment about how only 1% of  all mortgages are  in default attributing to the current mortgage mess,and that the other 99% of all mortgages are not in foreclosure.

Another inspiring agent is Michele Plevel who has an impressive blog site is,and she highlighted UFO's,Unforseen Foreclosure Oppression......

Mark Buergin another agent in our office says that if you read the article on yahoo today,"The Housing Meltdown",you would  even not buy a snickers bar! He has an odd sense of humor.

Is anyone having any luck with all of those International buyers out there?

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