Our minds don’t work the way we think they do

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Our minds don’t work the way we think they do

Our minds don’t work the way we think they do

This is a real study that shows 50% of the subjects miss the most obvious when too focused, also known as “inattentional blindness.” I was reading an article based on Radiologist and how they miss the obvious. (I would always recommend a second or third opinion now after reading that article) After thinking about it, it is so practical that these principles can apply to our business in the same manner.

Research subjects are shown a video of two teams of kids. One team wears white shirts and the other wears black.

They are passing two basketballs back and forth between the players as they dodge and weave around each other. Before it begins, viewers are told to do one thing and one thing only: that is to count how many times the players wearing white shirts pass the ball to each other.

Summation of the video: Approximately 30 seconds into the video, a large man wearing a gorilla suit walks directly in the middle of the circle of kids tossing the balls back and forth. Momentarily stopping while in the center of the circle, then looks straight ahead, beats his hands against his chest, and then casually walks away.

Radiologist, looking at x-rays missed 83% missed the Gorilla in plain view. This oversight runs with all professionals and their business..

Think about it... Is the Invisible Gorilla near and you are missing it in your Business?

I am going to order the book “the invisible gorilla”. Since I need to order 3 to get free shipping, the first two people to subscribe to my blogs will be mailed the additional copies of the books.

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