What Does It Mean To Go Green In Your Home?

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Before rushing out to buy a bunch of new appliances for you home in an attempt to go green, you might want to learn what “going green” really means.  It’s not about getting the “right” appliances or the right light bulbs.Green-Home

Going green is a state of mind…

Homeowners generally decide to go green for three reasons: tax credits, saving money and environmental concerns. 

Many buy green appliances and call it well enough done – even if their old appliances still work.

This is not a “green” state of mind, especially when it all comes down to saving the environment. 

By getting a green appliance to replace one that you’ve only had for a few years (meaning, it’s still in good working order), you’re adding to the surplus of perfectly fine machines cluttering up the world.

Going green is about conservation…

Face it, my friend – the world is not made of endless resources. 

Part of going green is conserving what resources we do have, as well as lowering the usage of those resources that pollute the air.  Therefore, when you’re in a green state of mind, you’ll look for places that you can conserve. 

Turning off unnecessary lighting, unplugging appliances that aren’t in use and taking shorter showers are all examples of conservation.

Going green is about recycling…

You can recycle more than just paper and plastic.  For instance, you can recycle organic matter such as banana and orange peels. 

If you have a yard (and especially if you have a garden), this organic material can be used to add rich vitamins to the soil for a greener lawn and healthier plants. 

Instead of throwing your leftovers away, dig a hole in an out-of-way area and bury them.  Within six months, you’ll have luscious, rich compost for your lawn or garden.

Recycling is one of the easiest, most tangible ways of taking action for the planet.

It’s a visible demonstration of caring and conservation, and it sets a positive example for children, families and communities.

Recycling is a feel-good activity… but does it actually help the environment? You bet it does!