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By Lana Bingham

Today your mind is filled with chocolates, cards and conversation hearts as you try and plan a romantic day for your significant other. But what about showing your kitchen a little love this holiday? If you are considering building a custom home or undergoing a major kitchen renovation, here are a few inspiring ideas for your kitchen – trust us, as a Tampa builder, we know what your kitchen loves.

Fall in Love with Lighting: Your kitchen likes to show off, and what better way to be seen then with efficient and tasteful lighting? Tons of task lighting is important for prepping, cooking and cleaning. A combination of recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting should shine sufficient light on your counter tops. Decorative pendant lights above the island will also add style and character to your kitchen.

Countertops That Charm: home builder Tampa knows that sufficient counter space is important, but so is the type of counter you use. You want a durable material that blends well with your kitchen’s style and selections. There are tons of unique kitchen counter materials out there, however if you’re going for the “romantic look,” marble is known for its’ classic beauty, while granite creates a timeless and elegant feel. For a trendy kitchen island, Tampa home builders love the look of waterfall counters.

Double-Dating Domestics: If you have the space, Tampa new home builders recommend doubling up on a few of your most useful kitchen cleaning features. Utilizing one sink for prep and another for clean-up makes kitchen duties a whole lot easier. For functional faucets, try Delta’s Hands Free Faucet, matched with a separate fixture above the stove for filling large pots with water. Just as two sinks can have added benefits, two dishwashers can also come in handy for loading up tons of dirty dishes after an extensive family dinner or party.

Heart-Warming Drawers: Drawers not only boost organization and storage space, but they also assist with various kitchen tasks. Warming drawers help keep food at the right temperature while cooking a multi-course meal. A built in dish towel hamper saves you trips to the laundry room and roll out cabinet drawers make it easier to find utensils and appliances.

Wine and Dine: Wine sales always see a sharp increase during this romantic holiday and what better way to store your bottles than in a trendy and efficient wine column. To preserve your liquid assets and keep them at the perfect temperature, try a wine column from Thermador or Sub-Zero.

A Splash Of Romantic Red: Cooking with color can be fun and inspirational. Add a pop of color to your kitchen with a red island, cabinets or appliances. If you’re afraid to go fully red, instead try integrating Wolf’s red infinite control knobs on your stove.

It’s easy to make your kitchen fall in love again with these great products and features. To learn more about building a custom kitchen, contact us or visit our online gallery for design ideas.

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