Free Class "how to survive and thrive in 2008 by Exits Tami Bonnell 110 people turn up


survive and thrive in 2008 by Tami Bonnell was a hit she gave a up lifting talk to 110 agents from various companies , Tami on her own time and dime came down to talk to agents all people who turned up were winners ,her main focus was a business plan and a goal setting (something i never did but wrote one up today .

she also said make a list of 10 people who really made a impact in your life i wrote a list and a will call them and tell them what a impact they where .

i had 4 of my woman agents who came up to me and said :i am on there top 4 list and they thanked me for impacting there life in real estate .what a way to finish a nite

Tami's future goals are only going through the roof for next 10 years can't wait to be a part of it

we will having speakers on a monthly meeting if you know any good talkers who can inspire a 100 + audience and they will do it for free email me these are non recruit events 



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