How Will I Ever Repay All My Friends in the Rain?

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I just have to do it...I can't wait anymore. This re-blog should be the one Ron needs to make it to 500,000. Congrats!!! My wife's been cheerleading for you so long I feel as if I know you.

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Sometime today (likely), I will finally achieve my goal two weeks early!


And, YAY!.....that means no credit card payment. 


And, another YAY!  I have had so much help getting  to this point! 


Hundreds, or at least dozens of people have been reblogging my posts and commenting like crazy. 


Do You Vinegar alone has been reblogged at least ten times!  And, I have made some of my other birdhouse posts public now, and they are getting reblogged, too.


I don’t know how to say Thank YOU to everyone effectively, but you have a promise from me that I will try to get to every commenter and reblogger within the next month.


There are a lot of reblogs to pay back!  And, over fifty comments on Do You Vinegar? alone.


Thanks again to everyone who has helped me get this far.  When I hit the goal, I will write a post and try to name everyone….TRY because there have been so many, many wonderful Rainers. 


I’ll check back later.   And, if I make it today,  YIPPEE!!!!!

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