Say it Ain't...Snow?! Sun and Snow (Hopefully) in DC Metro

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Say it Ain’t... Snow?

Could we be in for another "Snow Hole" weather non-event in the DC Metro area? It’s been either warm or cold (and all temps in between), but today can bottle all of those weather temps into one 12-hour snapshot – from balmy, sunny, clear-blue 64* skies to a blustery, snow-threatening evening in a matter of hours - the DC Metro area is yet bracing itself for either another snowstorm snarler this evening, or temporary winter teaser. In either case, I’ll just enjoy this sunset for as long as I can – that groundhog in Pennsylvania already promised us an early Spring anyway…

Washington DC Metro - Belmont Bay

Cristin Halla Homes - DC Metro Realtor

Diane Donnelly
Keller Williams Flagship - Annapolis, MD
Anne Arundel County, MD Real Estate

Hi Cristin! I have to laugh at the schools in the DC area.  The threat of snow gets the kids a delayed opening.  Why didn't that happen when I was in school! We had to walk backwards in the snow with no shoes.... 

Ha! 30 days 'til Spring!!

Until then......

Feb 15, 2013 07:51 AM
Cristin Halla
NBI Realty LLC - Woodbridge, VA
VA/DC Metro Realtor

Diane - Exactly!! It's true - this area can tend to be a little over-reactive to less than fair weather! I'm with you on the Spring Countdown - have a great week!

Feb 19, 2013 10:59 PM