San Antonio Real Estate Market Keeps Gaining Momentum

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The overall housing market in our country is finally coming back. That is refreshing music to the ears of most of us. It has been a long five years or so of having a dreadful overall housing market within the United States. Depressing media coverage of foreclosures and families losing everything have been in the news for several years now. The housing market is so important to the overall stability of our economy.

We all know we have been very fortunate that our San Antonio real estate market was having a much better housing market than most of the nation. With the market now showing improvement overall, it will only help our local housing market as well. There are many buyers living in our area or that soon will be moving here that are ready to purchase a home but were unable to due to not being able to sell their home in other states.

The great news is all fifty states and the District of Columbia are now represented on the Improving Markets Index (IMI) that was released today by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and First American Title Insurance. This can only help our local housing market with more buyers able to purchase.

For the past several years, foreclosures were a high percentage of my real estate sales and really hurt the overall home values in some subdivisions. Buyers were also nervous about the real estate market and there was so much inventory, it often times confused them. Now we are seeing fewer foreclosure homes on the market and less overall home inventory available. Thus, fueling a much more active real estate market, creating more multiple offer situations on homes and fewer days on market . Buyers now have a much more sense of urgency in many cases. We are seeing the investor's coming back to our market as well.

Today, the media is full of positive news on the housing market with our area getting major attention. Austin was just named to be the fastest growing city in the United States and San Antonio was number nine by Forbes magazine. Drive around the city and you see new construction everywhere. It is exciting times for the San Antonio area and it is only going to get better. New hospitals, new schools, new companies, new restaurants and shopping centers. Not to mention, new home builders providing us with more housing options as well. The San Antonio real estate market keeps evolving and getting stronger.

Yes, we have to deal with more traffic and congestion but you can't have your cake and eat it too... The housing market vibe is changing quickly and I'm enjoying the music. See me at

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