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Just figured I'd post something...

Short Selling a Las Vegas Home... the Most Common Questions.

More headaches from Bank of America and Fannie Mae?

Sure... why not?? They are really good at that. Might as well be good at something.

Bank of America Transferring the Servicing Rights of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac owned loans.

As they say.... Might as well be good at something. Of course... being good at being really bad is not something I care to do but hey.... It's a big Bankster.

Bank Owned Homes for Sale in Las Vegas

Goes with above.

Buyers are Back After Foreclosure

The most underestimated thing out there. All of those people that left and let their homes go to foreclosure or short sold their homes are back in the market and qualified to buy again.

My clients that I short sold their Las Vegas homes as far back as 2007 are now VERY qualified and in much better financial shape.



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