Is it marketing or selling? What's the difference anyway?

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It seems pretty pervasive throughout the entrepreneurial world...we don't really understand the difference between marketing and selling. I know I didn't!

That is until I read the "definition" of marketing by Peter Drucker, one of the brightest business minds of the 20th century. He said...

"Marketing makes selling superfluous."

What he means is that marketing is bringing the market to desire your product or service...and that doesn't mean declaring WHY they should want your product or service, rather, it means demonstrating WHY?

If you've read any of my posts before, you know that I am firm believer in marketing with your hand down, not out, by which I mean starting the relationship by demonstrating value by generously offering value.

Imagine how much easier marketing would be (and arguably more successful) when you begin every relationship by offering true value to your prospects rather than the selling most do.

Think about ways you can add value to your relationships with your prospects. They need information about real estate, and they need MORE than just "here's what's on the market" or "here's why you should work with me".

Then...just give them what they want and need and see what happens. It's kind of like magic!


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