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As I floated in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea yesterday (yeah, that's FEBRUARY 17th), I reflected upon the many ways that I am blessed to live here.


First of all, it's February and many of you are freezing your butts off, even in the Southern states. I am toasty and warm, wearing flip-flops and a sundress. The weather here is pretty much perfect, all year long.


I can go swimming ANY DAY of the year here, and most days, get to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine and warm tropical breezes.


I never have to put on socks or shoes. I really like that!! And I get a "natural" pedicure from walking in the sand!!


My wardrobe is very simple, and inexpensive. I don't own an ironing board, iron, or anything that needs to be dry cleaned! And I still manage to be fashionable!!! (Island fashionable, that is!!!)


Because we are so close to the equator, sunrise and sunset don't vary much over the course of a year; we go to sleep shortly after the sun sets and get up when it rises... pretty much every day. My body likes that.


We have a 12 month growing season here; we can grow our own fruits and veggies, and/or buy them locally grown at various farmers markets. My body likes that too!


We love to listen to live music and enjoy art. We have incredible musicians here, and very talented artists, and can enjoy a different venue and musician or art show just about every day of the year. Choosing is the most difficult part. And enjoying these things is free. No paid parking, no cover charges, no entry fees. Tipping is, of course, a nice thing to do.


We like meeting new people and hanging out and having great conversation. Boy is that easy here! This is the friendliest place I've ever been - I have more friends here than in all the years I lived on the mainland. And they are funny, intelligent, fun loving and kind. My cup runneth over in this arena....

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