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I love the new blog you wrote, but why are your links obsolete? I can't find anything less than a year old on your profile. Are you still taking listings? The links are leading nowhere. Think; good information on live pages could really help today. Let's sweep away the old, stale pages, and get your business going again.

I'll help you create a one page lead magnet. Just a few easy paragraphs to help promote your local business. own a parked domain, saying and doing nothing, when it could do so much for your business? You would welcome new business, right?

Let's re-energize your online marketing effort, and while we're at it, the ActiveRain neighborhood. Is your ActiveRain profile active? Why give leads to someone else, when they've just been qualified as your lead?

I'll keep it short and simple. For my example, I'll use my own name. Where you see my information, put your information and location there. At the end, you will find a link to my live page, where you may copy it straight from the web, and customize the page as you need.

Follow the example below, and I promise; this simple, updated page will help you find new clients better than any empty home page. Let the search engines start to list you accurately again. "Feed" the search engines some fresh information.

I have written the page for a real estate agent to use, but it's easily customizable for your brother's printing business, or your neighbor's auto repair.

Here's the simple Google friendly page to share, below. Did you ever get around to posting pages when you purchased a domain a few years ago? Google simply needs accurate information, and when readers can easily contact you, you'll have a winning web site. A full-blown, "song and dance" site isn't really needed.

*You may copy and use as your own page, just customize to reflect your own name and business details*

Stacey Mayer, Everett WA Artist and Social Media Manager



[This is where you say, licensed real estate agent.]

Thank you for visiting my Everett, WA [add; your town, homes for sale] and local information page.



Stacey Mayer is an optician, artist, and blogger inthe Everett, WA area.A PHOTO OF YOUR FACE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. I don't care if you gained some weight during the holidays. So did everybody. Visitors aren't looking to date you; they want to trust you. Basic guidelines apply. Dress like a professional; women, please dress modestly, without bare shoulders or cleavage showing; men wearing a jacket, etc, no shorts, beer cans, or tank tops please, and don't post a cell phone photo including the bathroom mirror.

[ Replace with; I always have several
 home listings available, etc,
] Hello, Everett, WA home buyers and seller. You are invited to give me a call, so we may discuss your needs.
Born in Seattle, I have lived in Everett, WA for several years, and have enjoyed becoming familiar with Everett's neighborhoods, Puget Sound beaches, local schools, and hi-tech job opportunities. I look forward to helping you know the Everett area, and the lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest. We have several real estate properties in your price range, and we work with a team that includes the best mortgage specialists.

[Customize the introduction paragraph as if you're talking to a neighbor. Be friendly.]

Please post your phone and email contact information. Do not make visitors fill out a form in order to speak to you.



Let buyers and sellers communicate with you right away; phones still work best! A form is OK, but only if it's a choice.

Mention the best times to contact you, and when they may normally expect to hear back from you; such as within twenty four hours, a few hours, etc..

Stacey Mayer


Phone; 555-555-5555, Text; 555-555-5555.


Fax; 555-555-5555, if you use one. You'd be surprised how many folks still enjoy using a fax.


Name of Your Real Estate Company


Full Snail Mail Address


City, State, Zip



Close with a list of favorite links you'd look for if you were house hunting in your favorite town. What would you like them to find? What sites do you use online everyday? Do you use some local cell phone apps, too? Share your favorites.

I use Zillow everyday, for instance. Zillow is fun, and I happen to love comparing neighborhoods.

List Helpful Favorite Places
My favorite Everett, WA Newspapers; even a visible link, typed out as;, is great.
My favorite Everett, WA Places to Shop
My family's favorite Everett, WA City Parks
Everett, WA Library System

Don't forget to link to your Active Rain Blogs, or other places they can find your listings,
home information, your Facebook Page, Google+, and other content you have created.

Here's my live page to see as an example.


Please, no more stale or empty home pages. When I follow, "more about me," on ActiveRain, let me find current information with live links to your recent blog posts, or at least to your broker's home page; let me know you're still active in real estate, or not.

Remove or refresh old pages, and be ready to welcome new clients. Many of your past competitors have dropped out for one reason or the other, or retired. Plan to step into their shoes, now! One, simple, elegant, updated page will help you get started. If you need some help, just post a comment below, and I'll be glad to help with your questions.

The world is looking for you; let yourself be found.

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Stacey Mayer, Artist, Webmaster
Stacey Mayer, Artist/Webmaster
I work hard to make you look good!
Successful social media management,
illustration to custom app creation.
Everett, WA Call: 360-878-3614 or text.


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