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This week I showed a house where the master bedroom was clearly an afterthought and the only thing I could think of was how sad. It doesn't matter if you're honeymooning or going through the big D, your master bedroom is the last thing you dmaster bedroomrift away in at night and the first thing you smell before your eyes even open. It's the beginning and end of your day and worthy of more effort than many give it. Here are a few easy decorating tips to making your master bedroom lovable again:

1. Give the bedframe wall an accent color;

2. Layer the linens. Great sheets, great looking new bedding, great stack of pillows;

master bedroom3. Mix-n-match the nightstand stuff including some good-looking practical items, even your H2O bottle;

4. Gather practical supplies -- bed tray, reading, throw;

5. Bring in some comfortable furnishings, even a small accent chair;

6. Heirloom and flea market mirrors are great, catch-all platters from a China cabinet work wonders;

7. Maximize storage with clutter-control wicker baskets stowed under bed or bottom of an armoire;

master bed8. Incorporate furniture with storage, lidded ottomans.

Click the link here for more details on the 8 brief tips.

The master bedroom is a place where my kids often sleep, I admit it. And perhaps I do stack laundry mile high on occasion. But I also confess my recent move-around of the furniture, freshening up of what is visible vs. what is tucked away, along with how much more I love it now vs. before made me think of all the things that helped me master my master bedroom. Don't just do it when you resell...

Do it now for YOU!

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