Upper Marlboro MD Real Estate: Choosing A Realtor You Personally Know

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I recently came across a real estate article that provided tips to buyers and sellers for selecting a real estate agent.  As I read through the article, I found the real estate tips to be very helpful.  However, as I continued to read, one tip recommended for buyers and sellers to not select a real estate agent that they know, whether it be a friend or family member.  I was immediately disturbed by this poor advice.  Of course, I began to have flashbacks regarding some of my experiences with clients I know personally.  I began to think, maybe this is the reason why real estate agents have difficulty of gaining the trust and business of buyers and sellers they have personal relationships with- they are hearing negative messages like the ones promoted in the described article. 

No buyer or seller should be advised not to work with a realtor they personally know.  I don't say this because it's counteractive to gaining clients and getting paid, I say this because the decision should be left up to the buyer or seller.  When I purchased my condo, I had the privilege of working with a real estate agent who I knew from my church.  There was a confidence that I had because of this relationship and I felt that this person would work hard to take care of me and help me achieve my real estate goals. 

As I read more of what the article was saying, it concluded that working with someone you know might damage the personal relationship.  While that is a possibility, it is the same possibility that rests with any client.  If both parties come in with a positive attitude and focus on the objective of buying or selling a house, then the actual risk is very small.  What often creates tension or disagreement in the real estate process is a buyer or seller's unrealastic expectations or requests or the realtor's poor handling of a deal.  The realtors I know, want to provide a quality service and not ever put themselves in the position of losing the real estate business of a buyer or seller.

When I get the chance to work for a buyer or seller I know, it excites me.  The opportunity makes me want to work even harder because of the connection I have with that person.  I can assure this buyer or seller that I will do my best to get the job accomplished.  It is a real estate agent's hope to get the business of those people he or she knows.  In essence, this just makes sense.  This is usually the first business for many real estate agents, and when they are unable to gain the business of friends and family, it is very disappointing.  There's just as much of a risk for damage to the relationship if the buyer or seller decides not to use a friend or family member as their realtor.  Therefore, there is nothing wrong with choosing a realtor you personally know.  It's up to the real estate agent and the buyer or seller to make the relationship work.     



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