PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn

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PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn


PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn is located in “Little Willamette” at 1741 Willamette Falls Dr., West Linn, OR 97068.  I stopped in with my daughter as we were killing time and were amazed with just how many cats they had there… it must have been at least thirty.  We made it our goal to spend a little time loving each cat.  I can tell you, I have never seen more affectionate cats and felines wanting attention in one place than the ones in the PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn!

PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn

It is also very important to know that PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn is a non-profit cat adoption center.  Their mission is to place kittens and homeless cats into loving and caring homes.  This is a great option because the Humane Society can only keep animals for so long and if they are not adopted in that period of time… it could be “curtains” for Curtains.  The Humane Society also get more animals than they can handle and sometimes run at full capacity.

PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn

As well as finding lovable homes to pets, PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn aims to educate pet owners and especially children about proper care for their pets.  They know what they’re talking about, they have been open since 1999 an have found homes for over 6,000 cats. 

PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn

Something interesting about atmosphere at PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn, they name all of their cats with a celebrity name.  My daughter and I met “George Clooney”, “Selena Gomez”, and “Katie Holmes” that day.  I guess it makes it efficient to identify a particular cat amongst many and it probably  makes it easier for the new owner to re-name it.  Some of these cats did look a little worse for wear.  Owner Sharon Murphy does an excellent job nursing these cats back to health.  These cats are all sweet and loving, just like Sharon!

PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn

My humble recommendation is:  if you are looking for a new cat or kitten, breeze into Sharon’s shop and take a peek.  This should be your first stop before searching elsewhere.  These cats were so lovable and starved for attention that I had to resist the urge to adopt one myself….. and I already have a cat and a dog (Cheeba and Kona)!  But when starting your search for a new cat, your first stop should be PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn.

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And I might add, Sharon took the time to teach me how to foster a kitten we found on our property - he was about 10 days old.  At six, he is a robust cat that would not have otherwise survived without the help and support from Sharon at PAWS - 

Please support this amazing shelter!!

Feb 24, 2013 04:48 AM
Sharon Murphy

Thank you for your Review of PAWS Animal Shelter....and the famous residents there.  We love the homey athmosphere and friends who visit...  It is nice to be able to interact with the animals in their own space and get to know them.  The only thing lacking is a Margarita Bar...  :-) 

Feb 24, 2013 04:52 AM