Fermenting Facebook - Sugarsweet Status VS Post of Poison

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This is a great one page manual on how to have success with social media. Simple, to the point, and the best part is that it can work for anyone.

Original content by Jay O'Brien

Have you ever counted the number of listings littered by Agents via social media?

Although the tactic is intended to call for immediate attention, rarely does it yield the clean up.

"People Buy People" - a phrase we definitely have heard countless times and generally have an understanding of, being ponds ourselves in this fear and consumption information age we reside in. It's a fairly elementary concept to grasp being on the receiving end, however we constantly fail to make the connection when we are responsible for the delivery.

Channels such as Facebook have made it easy by titling our digital camaraderie as "Friends" and have even suggested us to "Connect with..." at times. But are we really connecting? Is there really any engagement?

The transactional approach to real estate is on the polar opposite side of what needs to be relationship based.

In 2012, approximately 45% of my business was generated using Facebook. Instead of door knocking, think of window tapping. There is no barrier, just reminders to look through.

Is it more efficient (and cost effective) to:

1. Knock on 100 doors a day and possibly filter down to 3 appointments?


2. Establish a human personality to broadcast to hundreds/thousands of individuals daily who can share, comment, and reach out to you without picking up their phone?

The way to do this is NOT by posting your listing.

If we met at a party and the first words out of your mouth were, "I HAVE A LISTING! LOOK!" I would think, "This person clearly has Tourette Syndrome and I should quickly find a companion who would at least offer wine if they're going to annoy me."

The point is, be yourself. Forget about your listing. The overwhelming majority of individuals exposed to your nonsense are annoyed and are mentally writing you off when pestered with purely business. Now hear me out. Here's the trick, try it for yourself, and don't worry about the minimal investment of $500 to hear the how-to instruction:

1. If you have a personal Facebook page and a business Facebook page, delete the business one. Why are you being two different people? 

2. Post frequently. MOSTLY unrelated to Real Estate (a good rule of thumb is 1 R.E. post for every 4 unrelated posts). People are more interested in knowing what you did over the weekend, seeing photos of your new nephew, and/or answering the question you asked to all of them regarding their favorite whatever. Once you pepper in your real estate jargon tastefully, people will know you are an Agent without you having to say it.

3. Make sure your default photo is your Realtor/Agent Headshot - subtle and a constant reminder with every comment, post, photo, or share of yours.

4. If you think what you are about to post is unprofessional, post it anyway (provided it's not overly offensive). Why hide who you really are? Are you ashamed of being transparent with your clients? 

If the rhythm is consistent, you will begin receiving hand over fist referral business without bombarding people with phone calls, door knocks, and pestering pop-ins.

After all, would those three methods work on you? Then why would they work on someone else?





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