Menu Monday Chretins Restaurant and Cantina

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Today’s Menu Monday comes from Chretins Restaurant and Cantina, located at 506 East 16th Street. Chretins, a Family owned Mexican restaurant, started its roots in providing Yuma with their families kitchen traditions in 1946, when Mr. Chretin and his family opened their doors at the original location off of 5th Street & 15th Avenue. The Chretin’s Family offered Yuma excellent service, quality Mexican Food and their famous Margaritas that helped put Yuma on the map with the tourists.

As a child, I remember frequenting the original Chretin’s and walking through the kitchen on our way to be seated in the dining room. Even at an early age, I could sense the electric environment from the walls that help establish this landmark in Yuma as a “place to be!” Looking around at those seated, you could see the patrons pleased and excited to be served as they sipped on their margaritas and enjoyed the chips and salsa. During my high school years, I would hear how Mr. Chretin would always be at the 4H Livestock auctions at the fair and purchase the Grand Champion Steer each every year.

Even though they have made some changes to their menu, there are some items from the original menu that did not get lost in translation. One such item on the original menu “Chretin’s  Killer Nachos.” These nachos are famous in themselves. In which the original location would host a nacho eating contest regularly and it wasn’t out of the ordinary for one of our service men, stationed at MCAS Yuma to win and help set the night for fun in the original Cantina. Chretin’s Killer Nachos consist of a round tortilla chip, then topped with both mozzarella and their blend of cheddar cheese and topped with a jalapeno. Then, lightly toasted just enough to intertwine the flavors from all three and provide you with a toasted chip that just melts in your mouth with the richness found within the cheeses, toasted tortilla chip then signs off with a tap dance on your pallet from the jalapeno. Wash it down with your favorite drink and let your own nacho eating contest begin. With every bite, I remember what it was to be a kid and eat at the original location, but above all, it’s great to see the family still making their mark here in Yuma, Arizona.

Until next week my friends, enjoy the company your with, but best of all, enjoy a great meal!


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