High Desert, Victorville sheriff, saves the day!

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High Desert, Victorville sheriff, saves the day!Victorville Sheriff

What a great beginning to a Saturday.  We were just leaving our house in Victorville, to begin our workday showing properties, when a sheriff's officer drove into our driveway and stopped us from leaving.  Apparently, someone had tried to steal our daughter's car and she had not changed her address to her new one.

The officer told us her car had been taken and left in the middle of the street with the driver's side door wide open.  We hurried over to our daughter's house and sure enough her car was about 4 blocks from her house and she had no idea.

There was now an officer sitting in his car waiting for a tow truck to remove my daughter's car from the middle of the road. We explained who we were and asked him to please wait until we could get the keys and move the vehicle. He agreeded!

Not only were these two officers extremely friendly and proffessional, they went out of their way to wait for us and then as a  final guesture of kindness, used their car to push my daughter's car back to her house and into the garage, because it now was not running!

So, the moral of this story is, we shouldn't think that the police are always out to "get" us. These two officers have proven that the police can be very friendly and helpful even when they are putting there lives at risk everyday to serve and protect.  


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