5 Things Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Do to Have a Blow Out Spring

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Hallelujah, all signs are that the Spring of 2013 is going to be very healthy for residential owner occupied Real Estate.  In most markets across the country there are not enough houses for the demand.  Some Agents, the lucky many, will sell a lot of homes this spring.  Here’s how.  

Contact People

Step 1: Contact People. This encompasses a lot because there are a lot of people to contact.  Contact every good lead, people you worked with in 2012, people you met over the holidays, referral sources, sold Clients from 2012, then 2011 and keep going back, old leads, for Sale by Owners, Expireds, and anyone else that comes to mind.  Your return on these contacts will be huge this spring.

This is the first thing because it is the most valuable. 

Salespeople, including Real Estate Agents, notoriously lose many of the leads that come their way. Those that are more conscientious about contacting and staying in contact with leads always exceed the others.  Raise your standard this spring.  Lose fewer leads.

Referral Sources are anyone in the past year or two that referred Clients to you.  Whether or not the Client worked out, they will appreciate a call to say, thanks again.  Out of all your Referral Sources, they are the most likely to refer you again, and this call dramatically increases the possibility. 

The people you sold to last year are the easiest.  They will appreciate your call checking in on how they’re doing in their new home.  They are likely to ask how you are doing, which opens the door for you to let them know how busy the spring market is.  Close that comment by asking if they would feel comfortable referring you should they come across anyone talking about making a move.  Then ask if anyone comes to mind.  (Keep in mind, if they are having difficulty with their house or in their life, be cautious.  You want to be sincerely empathetic, help if you can, and don’t ask for business.)

Clients who did not buy and sell last spring are going to get take action earlier this year.  Rates are low with rumor of increases as the economy strengthens.  More people are already in the market.  That is going to attract others sooner.  Those people who delayed decision or action last year are going to take action this year.  They are on your radar screen, contact them.

Think back on holiday parties and events.  Who did you talk to about Real Estate that you realized would be a good candidate?  Call the host or hostess of the party and ask who they were and how to contact them.  The fact that you remember is impressive and likely to make you their Agent.

Because this is already a strong pre-spring market, your calls to old leads that are laying around, Expired, and For Sale by Owner campaigns will be even more successful.

Bottom line, your first priority is to be in contact with people.

(To be continued in Part 2...)


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Randy Bocook
Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners - Richmond Hill, GA
Selling Coastal Georgia

"Bottom line, your first priority is to be in contact with people."--How very right your are! In this business we have to constantly call, email, meet face to face with, and write hand written notes to people we come in contact with. I have found over the years that something as simple as writing a hand written note to a past client or someone you just had a great meeting with goes a long way in building a productive business.

Feb 25, 2013 11:58 PM