Time to Prune in Northern Virginia

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prunersEven though we’re not quite out of the winter woods, it’s time to get a head start on your Northern Virginia spring landscaping chores. A little TLC now can go a long way toward livening up the yard once the weather warms up for real. Here are some quick tips for getting ahead.

Trim back any winter damage on trees and shrubs. Use hand pruners on hedges to prevent a thick layer of new growth that doesn’t let air and sunlight get into the center. For branches larger than 1/2" in diameter on trees or shrubs, use a handsaw to make a clean cut that will heal easily. Summer-flowering shrubs, like Rose of Sharon, should be pruned before the buds swell. For spring bloomers, like forsythia, it’s better to wait until this year’s flowering is complete.

Cut back perennials, and divide them if needed. Flowering perennials should be trimmed back to a height of 4 or 5 inches, and ornamental grasses can be cut back to 2 or 3 inches. This will allow the new growth to sprout right up. Once the soil has thawed, you can dig them up and divide them if necessary. For daylilies and hostas, leave at least three stems per clump when you transplant them. Damaged rose canes can also now be safely cut back to 1” below any blackened parts.

Rake out fallen leaves and dead foliage from around the base of plants and in planting beds. Pull up spent annuals, too, to prevent the spread of any diseases and to keep young plants from being smothered. Plants sometimes get heaved upwards with frost, and now is a good time to push them back into the ground. A sprinkle of fertilizer will get watered into the soil with the spring rains giving the growing season an extra bump. It’s also a good time to edge beds with a square-head shovel to keep grass in the lawn from finding its way in.

Here in Northern Virginia we’re fortunate to have a climate that encourages beautiful landscapes, and with a little help from you, this could be the year that your yard outdoes itself. If you’re ready for a new real estate challenge, let our professionals here at JC Advantage help you find the perfect place, and the perfect yard, to call home. Drop by the office at 8245 Boone Blvd, Suite 410 in Vienna, contact me by email, or call me at 703-268-6380 to get started on realizing your real estate dreams.


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Li Read
Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring) - Salt Spring Island, BC
Caring expertise...knowledge for you!

I think your climate must be similar to mine...lots of garden tidy-up underway.

Feb 27, 2013 12:50 AM
Conor Sullivan
Arlington, VA

Winter can be a bit messy!!

Mar 03, 2013 11:10 AM