5 Things Every Agent Needs to Do to Have a Blow-out Spring, Part 2

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Reach out with targeted, on-message marketing.

Send Postal On-Message Marketing:

This includes a few things.  “On message” means that it is obvious from the marketing that you sell Real Estate and you are good at it.  There is a format we coach for this.  Send to Sphere of Influence.  Send to your farm a full summary of all the sales for the past one or two years and your opinion that it is going to be a strong spring market for getting the best possible price.  Send property-need letters for the Buyers that can’t find what they want on the market.  Your return on these expenditures will make you smile this spring.

Be sure that your marketing contains these five elements:

1.   A significant presence of you, decent size pictures on both sides.

2.  Real Real Estate, which means houses for sale or houses sold.  There is no better way to say that you sell Real Estate and you are good at it.

3.  Consistent colors, layout and design to establish your personal brand.

4. A brief message from your voice, just a few sentences about the market in your words, not canned text.

5.    Calls to action on each side to call you, text you, e-mail you, request something on your website, go to a landing page, or like your Facebook Business Page. 

Those five elements significantly raise the response rate of your marketing.

To your farm area: the summary piece described above along with a note with your insight into what the data means to the homeowners puts you on the top of their mind as the area expert.  That positioning at this time of year sets you up perfectly for spring business.  Follow that up with a postcard for two additional consecutive months.  Be sure the postcard contains the five elements above.

In this Sellers market there are often Buyers unable to find what they want, losing houses in multiple offer situations, or finding houses sold before they have a chance to make an offer.  It is a huge advantage to control the listings.  Send letters to the specific properties that are likely suit the Buyers.  Be sure the letters that have these five elements:

1.  A description of your Buyer

2.  What the Buyer wants that they can’t find

3.  That the Buyer is well qualified at the price

4.  That you are not looking for a listing

5.   That you will keep the information confidential.

Bottom line, direct mail designed right and sent to the right markets continues to generate leads.


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