New Construction Porch Roof - Shimmed And Glued. And The Beat Goes On

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Here in the Wilmington NC area we have some of the best builders I've ever known.  But that doesn't mean you should skip a home inspection when purchasing a new home.  Short cuts are just one of the things a Home Inspector can find -- you deserve to be protected when purchasing a home, so even if it's brand new -- get a home inspection!

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I'm not sure why I continue to see this kind of work, the new construction front porch roof - shimmed and glued.  And the beat goes on.

Certainly I am at the point of wondering if this is not considered the "way to do it now," and it's how an architect or builder would spec and build their own houses.

Rather than cutting the supporting studs properly, the outside front porch beams needed to be supported with a shim.  Shims are not long-term support.  Cut the stud supports at the proper height!

Note the special stabilizing chunks of wood on each side.  That will strengthen it!  And maybe a little puff of poly foam to finish it off.  You note the sarcasm.

And on the inside, there is not one single attachment to the house - not one nail or screw, no bolt or strap - except poly foam.  The front porch beams are literally glued to the house!


My eighth grade shop teacher, Mr. Brautigam, would not only have given me a D for this work, indoors and out (because I was 14 and NOT a professional, so the D would be credit for trying and giving it my best shot), but right now he is probably turning over in his grave.  He had a way of smiling and shaking his head to tell me to redo something.  He is shaking more than his head at this stuff!  And probably not smiling!

Gosh, they could have at least thrown in a drywall screw or two, and some duct tape...

My recommendation:  while the builders tell people they don't "need" a home inspection as unnecessary, it is obvious that all new construction does.  But frankly, when work like this is so routine nowadays, I wonder if they even know what to do about it.  My optimism is fading.  Glued, not screwed.  Oh boy!




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