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Interacting with clients after the sale (or the show...)

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I love the theater.  That's why I wrote a book examining Sales with the Broadway point of view.  I do believe we are all actors (some very good ones, hopefully).  We can learn a lot from the acting industry.

For example, when the curtains close, the audience wants to see the actors, shake hands, get autographs, and show their appreciation as fans. Let them!  As Realtors, being accessible after the closing creates loyalty, admiration and respect.

Studies show that acquiring a new customer costs 7 to 10 times more than selling to existing customers. Why would any business or salesperson not want to do everything they can to retain their existing customer base? With reasonable effort your customers will remain loyal and dedicated to you.

It's not sufficient, however, to simply care for your customers "just enough" to keep them from complaining. If you simply keep your customers satisfied, you may only get marginal results. Nowadays, customers are so used to poor service and performance that they have learned to accept mediocrity as the norm. Marginal service will yield marginal results. Consequently, the loyalty and commitment to you will be minimal. Your clients will migrate to another competitor as soon as they see a better offer.

On the same token, when they discover that you can offer outstanding service, they will automatically assume that your competitors can't even get close to it, and their loyalty is now at your disposal. We need to realize that the relationship begins at the first meeting, and does not end when the sale is completed. It is after the sale that you have the opportunity to shine and show the customer what you really are all about. Once the deal has been closed let your customers know that they've chosen the right company to do business with ... yours! A thank you note, a follow-up call, a message of success is all they need to get from an unmatched salesperson.

Your customers should be so happy with your service, support and attention that they actually tell other people about their experience with your business. If you take really good care of your clients, they will not give your competitors a chance. They will come back year after year, helping your business to grow and prosper continually.


Leslie Bloss, Bellevue Real Estate Professional
Bellevue, WA
Hi Nilton,  Good post.  I agree but we also need to keep in contact with our former clients.  For Halloween, I passed out pumpkins with a notepad that is says "Things to do Today," with my picture and contact information on them.  It is too easy for someone to lose our number.
Jan 18, 2007 01:18 PM