Wildwood Resort Sedro Woolley WA just South of Bellingham

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Wildwood Resort in Sedro Woolley, just South of Bellingham WA is going all out to help improve the health and beauty of 200 plus cedar trees.Wildwood Resort Sedro Woolley WA near Bellingham

Winter can be a very slow time in the tree business.  Other than storm damage, a tree company might sit for three months with very little work besides pruning.  Not this year for DigLynden Tree Service.  

Got a call from Jan Hensen, Wildwood Resort's operations manager, about the second week of January.  Rick Faber, of Faber Brothers Construction, and Steve Kruyswijk of Whatcom Lawns, had given Jan my name as a possible tree service company to help with a major undertaking involving selective limbing, and dead wooding several hundred cedars. 

Wildwood Resort has been transitioning from a family camp ground into a very exclusive weekend get a-way location for the well to do.  I am not sure of the total amount of sites, but there must be over a hundred.  Each site has its’ own personally designed “park model” mobile home. 

The cedar trees we have been working on presented several challenges.  Each had to be what is called skirted, or raised up, in order to have the branches a safe distance from the roofs of the homes, selective limbed to have more resources for nutritional needs and to allow more light into the ground areas and any dead wood removed to help with the appearance of the trees. A few that were not doing well at all had to be removed.


With a job of this size you know the competition was also at the table asking for the work.  We put together the best numbers we could and won the business.  DigLynden Tree Service has been working five days a week at Wildwood Resort for the last six weeks.  We would be completely finished tomorrow but have been held back a few days due to harsh weather.

The first week was the worst, very cold and rainy work conditions.  We kept it going but it was miserable.  One tree and your totally drenched and have to get dry clothes.  By about the tenth day the weather took a turn for the better and we had quite a few days in the 50’s.  Great weather to do tree service.  Cool and dry.  The final leg of the work has been difficult again with constant rain and wind but we are in the home stretch and can see the last pile of debris.

Really blessed with a great team of professionals.  Two very talented climbers, an expert tree faller, and three grounds personal have made this a smooth job. 

We take the woodchips we are producing each day, about 10 yards of chips per day to a nearby dump area for the residents of Sudden Valley.  It’s funny, every time we dump the chips they are gone the next day when we go back to dump another load.  Great for landscaping and making paths.

I drive over to Wildwood Resort from Lynden.  It’s interesting to see the resort from across the lake.  Wildwood Resort looks so open and pretty.  Be there just a couple more days and then it’s off to the next tree service adventure.


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