Your Realtor is your Representative in New Construction

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If you are looking to buy a new home, remember that the subdivision site agent always represents the seller, so don’t let them talk you out of having your own representation.


It doesn’t happen often, but we do see some employee site representatives telling buyers that they can get a “better deal” if they don’t bring their agent into the transaction.  This is kind of like a judge saying, don’t bring your attorney to court and I’ll go easier on you.”


For many large builders the site rep is not an agent, but an actual employee of that builder.  How can an employee of a builder who gets 100% of their salary and benefits from the builder represent your best interest?  In any dispute, they will not be in your corner and you’ll be left high and dry.


Your Realtor will do many things for you in your new home purchase.  First they will verify the price that is being offered is fair and if there should be room for negotiation. They will do this by searching the MLS and tax records for past sales, investigating the sales history in other similar communities, networking with other Realtors who have sold in that community, and looking into the long-term resale potential for that community.  Your Realtor will also advise you on what makes good resale when you select your floor plan, make alterations, and when you consider any upgrades.  The builder’s site rep has no interest in the resale potential of your home.


Your Realtor also will let you know the reputation of the builder and what expectation you should have during the project. Is the builder a production builder who will allow very little customization or a semi-custom builder who make allow more customization of a home.  Your Realtor also will make sure you understand all your rights, including your right to have your own professional inspect the project, your right to choose your own attorney/lender, and any other rights you may have.


So if you are going to purchase a home, make sure your Realtor is with you.  If they cannot be there during your first visit, clearly point out that you have a Realtor and they will be representing you in any purchase you make. 






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