6 Key Reasons Why Greater Victoria Homes Don't Sell

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6 Key Reasons Greater Victoria Homes Don’t Sell

And how to make sure these common mistakes don’t stop you from selling for Top Dollar in a timely Fashion!

6 Key Reasons Greater Victoria Homes Don’t Sell, and How To Avoid Making the Same Mistakes


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 6 Key Reasons Homes Don't Sell

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Expired-Listing.jpgHere is the dilemma many home sellers are facing: In Greater Victoria less than 40% of all listed properties on the MLS® system sell during their initial marketing period.  Let’s put that bold statement in context, and show you what that means to real people like you and me: On an average day there a between 3,500 to 4,500 properties for sale in Greater Victoria… Nearly 1,300 licensed real estate professionals and all their respective buyers, their marketing tools, the MLS® system, open houses, printed advertising, fancy brochures, floor plans, all the technology, the internet, etc. etc. etc. combined are not able to attract one single ready, willing and able buyer for more than 60% of all available properties within a 90 to 120 day period. Leaving more than 1,750 to 2,250 homeowners in limbo, having their plans and dreams interrupted and their lives put on hold.

Short of a “Miracle ”, the only way that the number of real estate sales (and eventually prices) will increase soon is by:
  • Improved confidence by buyers to buy now and,
  • Reduced property inventory for sale and
  • Sustained economic growth in Greater Victoria.
Even though Prices have dropped and the interest rates are at an all-time low, buyers (including their friends and family that advise these buyers) are just not convinced that now is the right time to buy…. Given the current state of affairs the earliest that we will see the Greater Victoria Real Estate Market show sustained improvements will be by the middle of 2014 if not later. Here is one (possibly unrealistic but effective) Suggestion that will improve the local real estate market in the shortest possible time……For Home sellers not really needing to sell their home, to take their property off the market…… In my estimation about 30% of all listings are not realistic about selling, if all those home owners removed their properties off the market, I strongly suspect that the market would improve within 120 days……

If you can’t or don’t want to wait for the market to improve, and or

If you understand that the current market conditions actually offers a golden opportunity for you (which is true for many home sellers),

being pro-active now can and likely will mean the difference between moving or not, and will also save you thousands of dollars in the process.

We designed this report in such a way that you as the home owner will be able to take back control over your plans and your life. The 6 key reasons why homes don’t sell I have outlined in this report are also the keys to the solutions for you and your ability to move on to the next phase in your life. Taking these key suggestions to heart will increase the likelihood that you will be moving from below 50% to well over 90%…… 6-key-reasons-homes-dont-sell.jpgIn this 13 page Free report, you’ll discover:

  1. The single one biggest mistake home sellers make, that prevents them from getting their home sold
  2. A proven yet often overlooked essential marketing Tip..
  3. How to “sweeten the deal” for buyers,
  4. How to stage your home and make it look its absolute best, and identify the four key areas in your home you want looking the best,
  5. What buyers don’t want to see in your home and how to make sure buyers will be excited to buy your home over all the other options available
  6. And Finally, How to Reduce even Eliminate Buyers Apathy and Remorse.

Who Is this Information for:

  • If you had your property on the market and it did not sell, this report is for you….
  • If you are considering your options, this report is for you.
  • If You NEED to sell, for your own reasons, this report is essential reading.
  • If you do not want to be part of the majority of home sellers that could not sell their home, this report is for you.
  • If you have friends or family members that tried to sell but could not. This Report is for them…

If your property is currently listed but not selling, this information is also for you, (although we are NOT telling or suggesting you to cancel your current listing). We would prefer that you Talk to Peter After Your Listing is Expired, and you are no longer in an agency relationship. Although if you implemented the suggestions included in this report, your home is likely to sell…. Who Is this Information NOT for:

  • If You do not need to sell and are still hoping that your home/ property is so special that somebody will pay you more than what it is worth. I would suggest to take your property off the market and wait for things to improve.
  • If you are testing the market and are saying things like…. “ If somebody pays me $………. (you fill in the blanks) I will sell” this report is not for you, and I would suggest to take your property off the market and wait for things to improve.
  • If having your home listed for sale forever is your way to make friends.. This report is Not for you…;) and we suggest you don’t change a thing……


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 6 Key Reasons Homes Don't Sell

Is Your Property Currently Listed
If Yes When Does The Listing Expire

We respect your email privacy

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Provided by Peter Pfann REALTOR® Since 1986 @ FAIR Realty Email: peter@pfanntastic.comText or Talk To Peter at: (250) 213-9490  

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