How to make money with a 100% Commission broker

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The Trick to Making Money With 100% Commission Real Estate

These days, everyone wants a little more of the green stuff and you’re not alone if you’re forever searching for strategies on how to increase your earnings as a seasoned California real estate agent. The good news is, the housing market is shifting, and buyers- and sellers are expected to be active this year, meaning we can finally dust ourselves off and get back in the game. New commission structures and better splits make it easier than ever to turn a profit, so what’s the trick to making money with 100% commission real estate in California?

The Right Broker Matters

To practice real estate, you know you need a broker and you’re confident that your choice will make a significant impact on your income. The truth is, brokers are everywhere- especially 100% commission real estate brokers. But think carefully because it’s all about experience, support and reputation. The more you can get of each, the better off you’ll be. When looking into brokers, find out how long they’ve been in business and listen to other agents who have worked for companies you’re interested in. Ask important questions to help fill the gaps about a particular company. Is E&O insurance included and if so, what is the policy limit and is there a deductible?  The right broker is essential for making 100% commission real estate profitable and can definitely make a difference.

Uncover Hidden Fees

Sure, every 100% commission real estate company looks appealing. They all claim to be the best and they all offer the promise of unparalleled income at virtually no cost to you. While there are hidden fees in many of these models, it’s easy to avoid them if you know where they are. Avoid brokers who require a large “transaction fee”. In some cases, it could be as high as 30 percent of your commission.  Other things to watch for include broker assistance, technology, compliance fees and high insurance.

The Importance of Business Longevity

The 100% commission real estate model is quickly becoming the choice for realtors all over the state. As a result, companies are popping up everywhere trying to lure agents with promises of large payoffs and low expenses. Be sure to check that the company you’re interested in has business longevity and will be there for you when you need the.. In other words, ensure they’ve been around for awhile. A stellar business reputation is impossible to fake and exactly what you need in a qualified broker. Experienced California agents trust Realty Source for providing a true 100% commission real estate model- no gimmicks, no games- just a solid, profitable  company that delivers on its promises.

So what’s the trick to making money with100% commission real estate? Do your research and find the right broker with experience, a solid reputation and a business that has stood the test of time. Be on the lookout for hidden fees and stay with companies like Realty Source that have earned the trust of seasoned, veteran agents in California.


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