Rachel's Guide to Hampden Real Estate

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Rachel's Guide to Hampden Real Estate

I’ve walked the streets of Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood since I was a teenager. Back then my afternoons were spent in search of counter culture and vintage clothing. It was the early 1990’s and Hampden was just entering its urban renaissance. Twenty years later Hampden is a ubiquitous Hipster destination.


The Corner BYOB Restaurant in Hampden Baltimore MD


Hampden is one of Baltimore's most authentic neighborhoods apart from the whole "Hon" issue. What Hon issue? Hampden is the only neighborhood in Baltimore that has its own bonafide mascot. A patron saint of sorts. They even have fesitvals in her honor. These woman grace the windows of M&T Bank on The Avenue.


                          Hampden Hon from M&T Bank Window


Even better than the marketing push to promote the Hon is the Hampden you'll find all on your own. The Hampden of the long time residents who have a great affinity for ornamentation.


                         Window in Hampden Baltimore MD


This is John Waters Hampden. I'm happy to report it is alive and kicking. While I'm eager to see Hampden grow as a top urban entertainment destination, I know that its charm is highly reliant on its heart and soul that is the long-time residents.


                               Paradiso Antique to Modern Hampden Baltimore


The Hampden Village Merchants Association deserves a great deal of credit for the media darling status that Hampden has achieved. The independent owned and operated boutiques and restaurants that are located along The Avenue have earned their due. I've witnessed the owners devote years of sweat equity into making the main street a success. One of my favorite shops is Ma Petit Shoe, a boutique that specializes in shoes and chocolate. 


                               Ma Petit Shoe Boutuque Hampden Baltimore MD


When selling Baltimore real estate to people who are relocating to Charm City it has become de rigeur to take clients on a walk down The Avenue past vintage clothing stores, trendy restaurants, dive bars, coffee shops, yoga studios, and antique stores.


                              9th Life Vintage Store Hampden Baltimore MD


Even if you don't live in Hampden, you'll probably meet you friends there for dinner or drinks. Grano Pasta Bar is an excellent choice. Everything is homemade. The dishes and glasses are exactly what my Italian great grandmother used in her humble kitchen. Eating here makes you happy.


                                Grano Pasta Bar on The Avenue in Baltimore


In terms of real estate geography, acquiring real estate walking distance from The Avenue is a no-brainer. How do you know if this neighborhood is right for you? Would you find The Nightmare Before Christmas yard decorations charming in March? These rowhouses are a stones throw from The Avenue.


Rowhouses on Roland Ave in Baltimore's Hampden Neighborhood


Many of Hampden's rowhouses constructed during the beginning of the 20th century were designed as Millworkers houses. They have a smaller stature. This type of living hearkens back to a time before the suburbs existed. In fact if you grew up in the suburbs this type of living can be an adjustment.


               Rowhouses in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood


Most of these properties feature 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms over approximately 1200-1500 square feet. The price range for these homes ranges from $180,000 to $299,000 depending on the types of improvements you'll encounter on the inside.


                           Porches in Baltimore's Hampden Neighborhood

Hampden residents love their front porches. These rowhomes were designed before central air conditioning, so porch spaces were a significant commodity on a hot summer night.


                               Formstone in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood


                 Matching your car to your formstone facade is bonus points.


                               Contemporary Hampden Residence in Baltimore MD


Favor something a bit more contemporary?

Just look at that charcoal gray paint job.

The cars parked by this house were BMW's. Old Hampden meet new Hampden.


                              Victorian Charm in Baltimore's Hampden Neighborhood

    Some of the largest properties have Victorian ornamentation and wrap porches.


Stone Hill in Baltimore's Hampden Neighborhood


And some of the oldest properties are made out of stone. This home is located in Stone Hill which is a hidden neighborhood within Hampden. This is a national register historic district featuring 7 blocks of millworkers houses that were constructed between 1845-1847. These properties are special and they don't come on the market very often.


Overlook at Clipper Mill


Luxury in Hampden begins at $300,000, so while that budget may seem small-time in many American cities, in Baltimore you can really get something to shout about.  Lets say your keen on Hampden but you're in search of contemporary architecture? We'd take a short drive over to Overlook at Clipper Mill to see these sophisticated residences. Prices for these homes begin at approximately $550,000. They border wooded acreage of Druid Hill Park.


Urban Farming in Baltimore's Hampden Neighborhood


It can take a lifetime to see all the wonders Hampden has to offer. Just last week my colleagues and I found ourselves on Morling Ave and encountered goats! It's not the only example of Urban farming I've seen. I sold some raw land in Hampden along Ash St earlier this year. Some of the land was being leased to the Baltimore Free Farm. The land was snapped up by an investor who plans to build loft apartments. Click here to read all about it.


                               Green door in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood


What else is there to know about Hampden real estate? Parking is a challenge. There is not enough and while the city is working on solutions, if you find the option to acquire a property that includes a parking pad or parking space you should strongly take that into consideration. 

There is also a rat problem. I know, that sounds horrible. The term "rat eradication" is one you'll hear if you attend Hampden Community Council Meetings. I'm the type of real estate agent that calls it like I see it. It's better that I tell you now then you discover it all on your own.


Rusting Baltimore Street Car


What Hampden could really use is a street car system. This old Baltimore street car is rusting in plain site on Falls Rd in Hampden. While this seems like a great solution, I'm afraid its probably many years in the future. A longtime Baltimore resident and friend of mine once accurately said "what would be developed in 5 years in most cities will take 20 years in Baltimore". The upside to this argument is that our real estate stays affordable because we are not operating in a bubble.


                               Renovations to Factory Buildings in Baltimore's Hampden Neighborhood


Would you prefer to lease? There are two exciting apartment projects that will be launched in Hampden in the next year. This picture shows the renovation of Mill Center apartments on Falls Rd in a quiet part of the community along the Jones Falls. The second project is known as The Courtyard at 3400 Roland and it'll be located walking distance from The Avenue. In full disclosure I'm an owner / investor in the second project.


Love mural Baltimore Maryland


This mural on Hampden's Ave is part of Baltimore's Love Project by Michael Owen.

Rachel's guide to Hampden Real Estate is written for my clients who are considering moving to Baltimore. It's my professional opinion that Hampden is a neighborhood that is worth the long term investment. Hampden is a great place to find your most authentic self. Want to know about other neighborhoods with affordable real estate walking distance from Hampden? Check out my write up on Remington and Medfield.


Looking to sell your Hampden real estate? I've got a knack for it. Here's an example of my most recent Hampden listing. 


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Rachel - What a wonderful over-view of the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland.  Loved all of your photos.  It really shows the charm and character of this wonderful neighborhood.  If you're looking to buy, or sell in the Hampden neighborhood, call Rachel Rabinowitz at 443.841.5916, she really knows this area, and why it is so special!

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Laura, thank you for reading and offering supportive feedback. We're a long way from Tahoe real estate here in Baltimore!


Mar 02, 2013 06:23 AM
Roy Kelley
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I love this blog.  You really make us want to tour the area.  Dolores and I do not know enough about Baltimore.  Most of our visits take us to the Baltimore Museum of Art and back out again.

The new ICC that allows us to bypass the beltway makes travel to Baltimore from Gaithersburg much easier than in the past.  We passed your area on Friday on our trip to the Philadelphia Flower show.

Mar 10, 2013 05:18 AM
Rachel Rabinowitz
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Hi Roy, Your support is appreciated! I've enjoyed your botannical photographs ever since I started my activerain blog in 2011. Should you find yourself in my neck of the woods again, let's do lunch?

Mar 10, 2013 11:53 PM
Roy Kelley
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We recently had lunch at the Grano Pasta Bar. The food was excellent.

Aug 26, 2017 08:18 AM