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6 Secrets of Successful Windsor Hills Owners and How They Got There

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This is a guest post by Rick Albert, a successful Windsor Hills vacation home owner. Rick Albert purchased his vacation from The Flamingo Group last year and is doing extremely well with it. Here he shares about his experiences on how you can also find success owning an Orlando vacation home. If you are interested renting Rick's villa for your next trip to Orlando you can contact him directly here: Rick's Windsor Hill's Villa

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Villa Park LaneSo you're considering purchasing a vacation rental property in the Windsor Hills Resort Kissimmee?  If so, you have done your homework and you're on the right track.  The Windsor Hills resort is one of the most sought after short term rental communities in Central Florida.  With top notch amenities and close proximity to attractions, Windsor Hills is a global vacation destination with strong rental demand.

Despite being a global attraction and a premium vacation destination, there is a big difference between being an owner in Windsor Hills and being a successful owner in Windsor Hills.  Here are a few tips to set you apart from your competition and make your rental business a winning proposition for you.

1.)  Create a Business Plan:

This may seem like a simple idea:  Buy a Windsor Hills property, rent the property, make lots of money and all is well right?  Wrong!  Create both a short term and long term plan for your business.  Take care to see that you are sufficiently insured.  Determine if you need to incorporate or create an LLC.  Understand your tax benefits and liabilities.  Plan an exit strategy.  Will you retire to this Windsor Hills Resort property?  When will you sell?  How will your business respond to a catastrophic event?  These are just a few questions that should be addressed in your business plan.

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2.)  Choosing a Windsor Hills Management Company:

Villa Park Lane Pool Windsor HillsIf you're like me, you don't live in close proximity to your vacation rental and cannot be on site daily to address the needs of your Windsor Hills Resort property.  You will need to choose a management company.  At present, there are over 200 different management companies currently working in Windsor Hills.  There are large companies that will manage everything for you including booking your property to daily maintenance  to small companies who service a small group of owners with just daily maintenance and leave the bookings to you.  Shop for a quality management company that will fulfill your requirements.  Don't hesitate to contact other owners and ask for their recommendations.  The success of your business depends on how well your Windsor Hills management company services your Kissimmee vacation property and guests.

3.)  Choosing Renters:

Who is your target customer?  Is your Windsor Hills rental property geared for executives or is it geared for families visiting Disney?  Determine who your target customer is and manage your vacation home business accordingly.  Decorate and appoint your Windsor Hills Resort property accordingly and then price your property to match your target customer.  Under pricing your property will put you out of business just as fast as over pricing your property which leads directly to the next topic...

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4.)  Know your Competition: Do your homework.  Who is your competition?  What amenities does your competition offer?  What does their rental calendar look like?  What do they charge?  Based on these factors, determine how you can make your Windsor Hills property more appealing to potential guests.

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5.)  Effective Advertising:
Windsor Hills Vacation Home in Kissimmee, FLI can't stress enough how important effective advertising is to your success.  Would you wear sweat pants and a t-shirt to a job interview?  Of course not, so why would you present your Windsor Hills property in a boring, lack-luster manner?  This is your one shot to grab a potential customer's attention and make yourself stand out above the thousands of other rental properties in Central Florida. Start by choosing  an inviting name for your vacation home business.  Your potential guests are traveling a long way to Central Florida to enjoy the weather, the attractions and the amenities.  They have planned and saved all year for this trip and probably don't want to stay at the "Smith Rental."  It sounds much more appealing to stay at the "Windsor Hills Luxury Sunshine Escape."  Be creative.  Choose a name that is befitting your property and amenities and entices renters to stay with you. 99.99% of your customers will come from online inquiries.  The other .01% will come from referrals and return customers.  All of whom will look at your online advertising before booking your property. Whether you list your Windsor Hills property on a portal site such as Homeaway.com or VRBO.com, you need to make your listing stand out.  Hire a professional photographer/videographer to stage and shoot your property.  Quality photographs will set your property apart from the rest.  When potential customers are scrolling through properties on these sites, bright colorful photos are going to grab their attention and direct them to your listing.  Provide a complete, descriptive narrative for your property and amenities.  Consider hiring a professional to write a quality narrative for your listing.  Homeaway.com offers this service to its customers and may be worth the fee if it creates additional bookings for you. Your vacation home business website is the final piece of the puzzle.  Again, don't present your  Windsor Hills property in a boring, lack-luster manner.  Hire a web designer who can help you build a quality site.  A strong homepage that holds a visitors attention is key.  From there, make your site easy to navigate.  Display large quality photos of your property and amenities.  Have pages for your rates, availability and contact information.  A video or virtual tour will also set you apart from your competition.  Potential guests will want to examine all that you have to offer and a quality website will solidify your legitimacy as a quality business.

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6.)  Time Spent Windsor Hills Villa Game RoomThe last component to your success is the amount of time you personally spend on your business.  Unless you decide to hand your keys to a full service management company, your success depends on your personal involvement.  You can expect to spend at least one hour per day on activities directly related to your vacation home business.  Activities such as responding to inquiries, keeping in contact with your Windsor Hills property manager, speaking with guests and bookkeeping all require your attention.  Your vacation home business will not run itself and the property owners who exercise due diligence in daily operations tend to be the most successful.  And last but not least, don't wait to block out time for you to stay throughout the year.  You'll get a firsthand look at how things are going with your Windsor Hills property and your own vacation is probably a primary reason that you're shopping for a rental property at all!

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