3 Reasons Why Professional Associations Matter Today: Value Underlined

Services for Real Estate Pros with Off Market Association-Genesis Capital-Sunovis Financial

The new Off Market Association brings together real estate brokers and professionals in finance and banking to offer opportunities for networking, education, and dealmaking. The company reveals a recent report that focuses on the value that professional organizations bring to their members.

 recent report by the American Marketing Association member Matt Schaeffer points to the benefits that networking with professional organizations like the Off Market Association can bring.

1) Learn the latest information about your industry. Getting the latest on your industry is clearly one of the advantages that networking with one’s peers at a professional organization can offer. Banking and financial services as well as commercial real estate professions are knowledge-intensive professions, ones in which changing conditions force professionals to seek the latest. One can learn a great deal from print and electronic sources, but comparing ideas and tips with colleagues is an incomparable way of staying on top.

2) Professional development and career advancement. Professional associations bring value to their members by encouraging and supporting their professional development. This can encompass a wide range of educational opportunities -- from annual conferences, to local or regional workshops, to self-paced instructional materials for individualized learning. A professional association like the Off Market Association,offers the OMA University to its members as well as platforms for dealmaking.

3. Networking. In fact, the most basic function of a good association is networking among members for dealmaking and career advancement. There is rarely another forum that gives such easy access to other industry dealmakers as an association! Sharing and exchanging ideas is mutually beneficial. An association is a synergistic group. 

Founder of the newly formed Off Market Association, Terry Robinson, says, "The world is changing and has changed. Old ways of doing business don’t always apply. We bring a new and exciting way for our members to do business and gain new knowledge. We are focused on bringing together opportunities for commercial real estate professionals and lending professionals - both industries that were hit hard in the economic crash."

About the Off Market Association 
The Off Market Association (OMA) brings together experienced commercial real estate experts, bankers, finance experts, consultants, attorneys, accountants and others. Members have access to the platforms of Sunovis Financial and Genesis Capital for dealmaking.

It offers a fresh and exciting concept to its members — a new way to get deals done as well as an online university to expand knowledge and be competitive

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Associations are of value throughout our lives

Mar 03, 2013 08:08 AM
Ed & Tracy Oliva
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Ray great Info for all in the business,  keep up the good work and good luck in 2013 with your business,  E

Mar 03, 2013 08:11 AM