Menu Monday: Mariscos Mar Azul Yuma, Az.

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Today’s Menu Monday comes from Mariscos Mar Azul, located 1314 South 14th Avenue, Yuma, Az. 85364.

Mariscos Mar Azul provides an upscale seafood atmosphere without the upscale price. Since the time of opening their doors, they have consistently worked on providing an atmosphere in line with their menu and I think they have tuned it in.

One of the items on their menu that I really enjoy feasting upon is their Aguachile. You can order it in either red, or green sauce, and I like the green sauce, the milder of the two sauces. Aguachile is butterflied shrimp, seasoned with both lime and chile and other succulent ingredients exclusive to the chef.

The plate is presented to you with cucumbers, tomato’s, avocado and of course the Aguachile. All of the items on the plate are cold and marinating in the green sauce. I then take the crackers that they bring to each table and place a cucumber atop of the cracker, top it with shrimp and revolve it with either a tomato or avocado slice. Then sprinkle hot sauce over the cracker bite and indulge. The crisp cucumber and hot sauce melt together with the flavors in the shrimp (Aguachile) while the cracker cleanses your pallet for the next crisp refreshing bite that awaits you from the plate.

Aguachile is a great appetizer to enjoy over a cold beer, and is a healthy way to help ale you from what might be "hanging" with you from your fiesta from the night before.

Until next week my friends, enjoy the company your with and best of all, enjoy a great meal!

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