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Are You Making As Much Money as You Can as a California Real Estate Agent?

California homeowners are in for a pleasant surprise as prices are rebounding and it’s getting easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For California realtors, the news is also good and that means the possibility of increasing your income. But are you making as much money as you can? If you’re not, here are a few tips that can get you started on a new direction for 2013, and hopefully fill your wallet with a little more than business cards.

Be Proactive and Create Your Own Opportunities

Sure, part of doing well in real estate is being in the right place at the right time, but it’s also about knowing where to be. Get proactive by making connections and building relationships- both professional and personal- that can lead to new opportunities. Check into membership with professional industry associations at local, state and national levels. Trade organizations like the California Association of Realtors or the national Association of Realtors is an easy way to enhance your professional credibility and reputation.

Stay Ahead of the Curve…And Learn to Adapt

Technology is here to stay and in real estate, you either get on board, or you get left behind it’s really as simple as that. In fact, while you’re worried about spending too much money on the latest mobile technology, your competitor is stealing your leads. Remember to embrace the new world we live in of “get it now, get it fast” and use it to your advantage. Staying out front, ahead of the curve takes tenacity, desire and the ability to understand that what worked well in the past may not work in the future. Be quick, adapt and show up strong.

Explore 100% Commission Real Estate Compensation Models

If you haven’t already, explore your options with a quality, reliable 100% commission broker. The right company can help you keep more of the money you do earn and will likely help you reach personal and financial goals you never thought possible under traditional compensation models. Remember to look around for a quality company that delivers a true 100% commission, with no hidden fees, quality broker support and a proven track record of success. Be careful when choosing a broker, they are not all created equal and you have to be cautious to ensure you are getting what you’re bargaining for. California realtors overwhelmingly choose Realty Source for the highest paid 100% commission real estate in the state.

Real estate moguls for centuries have been practicing the art of self direction. They know their business, sure, but they also create their own opportunities by staying out front, ahead of the pack and differentiating themselves by knowing where they want to go and the steps to get there. Make this year the one where you finally reach financial independence by being proactive, resilient and exploring 100% commission real estate compensation models for success.  








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