Mongofax Copy of EMD w/ Offer - Should I Use a Stone and Chisel?

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Is your pager number still on your business card?

Perhaps you retrieve contact information through the yellow pages?

Still dialing up to Prodigy to retrieve your e-mail?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you are probably the culprit requesting the irrelevant information mentioned in the above subject line. 

Should I use a Polaroid or have the check sent via Horse and Buggy?

Help me understand how a copy of a check to accompany an offer is needed over a current bank statement; or even useful at all for that matter. In this day and age, I have yet to meet an Agent who does not require the deposit to be sent directly to escrow after acceptance (and usually wired for that matter).

So what happens with the copy of the copy of the fake EMD we sent you? Oh, it gets used for nothing, that's right.

I find that too often the Agents I am speaking with are used to subscribing to the archaic routines of "what used to be" rather than what should be.

Are you the type of Agent who asks for items to be submitted because it has been the norm for so long or do you exercise reason to develop decisions? 

If you chose the latter, let's do business together!

If you're in the herd with the prior, what else do you enjoy doing for absolutely no reason at all?


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Sammer Mudawar
RE/MAX Prestige - Anaheim Hills, CA
OC Real Estate Blog

Jay, great points. In fact I too often encounter Agents requesting items NOT required by the contract terms. The worst part is when I have to explain what is clearly written in back and white, and which they have signed!!

Mar 05, 2013 07:21 AM