Using Property Websites to close a Listing presentation

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Individual Home Web sites 
IN 2005, when homes sold just because they were for sale, there was little need to worry about marketing a home.

As we all know, that's certainly not the case nowadays. In fact with all the listings out there,

Questions and Answers-This explains how all this works.

(Question) How can you make your listings stand out from the crowd?

(Ans) Use Individual Property Websites to both Sell and Get Listings.

(Question) What exactly is an individual property website?

(Ans) it's a one or 2 page website with a domain name using the address such as or using a descriptive name such as or

Question) How will this help me?

(Ans) It will help you in Two very big ways.
1. It will help you get listings over your competition. (especially the Big ones $wise)
2. It will help sell the property.

(Question) How will it help me get Listings?
(Ans) Imagine you are at a listing presentation for a home valued at 1.5 million. Near the end of the presentation you say something like, "Because of the current market conditions, one of the techniques I use is giving your home. it's very own website!

(Question from the seller) How will this help me?

1. When prospective buyers drive buy your home and see a sign rider with the, they only need to jot the domain name down, then later log onto the web, and type it in. (Lots of buyers, will drive by and like the home but don’t want to call and get involved. They just want more information.) 

2. A property web site lets them easily and privately look at your home.
In addition, when the site opens up they get a full presentation of your home, including slide shows, more details and local area information.

Summary: How will this help me as an agent?

Win More Listings: 
Impress your sellers with showcase property Web sites that are 100% dedicated to their property. Their listing will be available to a worldwide audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is NO competition with other listings to distract the buyer. 
In addition, Neighbors that see a sign rider on your listing will immediately know that you are doing something different. This definitely puts you ahead of the competition in all your farming efforts.

Sellers love the idea. Offering them a property website is a great closer!

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