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Suddenly Gripped by the Surprise Remodel

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Sometimes home values can undergo abrupt changes. One way that can happen is through the ‘Surprise Remodel’ phenomenon. That’s when you wake up one morning to find that your local house grew larger…overnight!

If you are one of the many residents whose children have left for school, the Surprise Remodel is what happened the moment you realized that that you were, in fact, suddenly in possession of an extra room.

Sometimes it takes a few months, but as soon as you conclude that the sentimental value of leaving the high school memorabilia in place is outweighed by the value of transforming the room into more useful space, you have a number of ways to proceed:

Workout Area

Transforming the former kid room into an exercise area is one foolproof way home values can be increased. Remove carpeting and add flooring as needed; place a floor-to-wall mirror to one side; then add any exercise equipment you choose (garage sales can be excellent sources).

Office Space

Have you always wanted a dedicated home office? Now is the ideal time. Paint the room a rich neutral color, add the desk (freeing up space it used to occupy elsewhere), and then add bookshelves and a guest chair or sofa. Voila!


Guest Room

In the likely event the kids will be back now and then, a subtler changeover to a universal guest room is a good answer. Memorabilia removal will go a long way toward accomplishing that goal, and home values always improve when fancier bedding and pillows are added to any room.

Evansville home values may not seem important until you decide to put your own on the market, but I have often heard clients say they wish they had spruced up the place while they were still living there. Any Surprise Remodel moment is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

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Dan Hopper
Dan Hopper - Gold Way RE - Westminster, CO
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Rolando, great topic to discuss. We have seen over the last 10-12 yrs a shift in the "outgrown" home situations.  What many have used to think that they need to downsize, some are NOT due to a family member returning back to home because of economic reasons or job situations.  Not as many feel they might downsize due this new phenomenon.  In fact, some may change their approach and actually move up in size to account for the increase in family situations.  Listen to your clients, and ensure you are taking care of their needs!!

Mar 06, 2013 11:46 PM