HELP Please, from "Seller's Market Experts" for new ideas to get Listings in a Sellers' market !!

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I am trying to break into a new area of town to get listings, which is having an unprecedented huge SELLER'S Market!

In 20 years, we have never seen Houston having such a **Wild and Crazy** California style, seller's market!

Texas is rocking & rolling with more jobs, than the entire US. Our Texas Assoc of Realtors last month, explained that 1500+ people per day were moving into our Great Lone Star State! No State Income Tax, wonderful Southern hospitality and zillions of jobs, are the perfect draw for folks to move here too.

I am fairly new and absolutely LOVE AR and have learned so much in a short time, especially with Boot Camp. Not to mention meeting so many wonderful people throughout the groups.

Thanks so much for any suggestions, Y'all might have !!....... Nannette


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Sussie Sutton
David Tracy Real Estate - Houston, TX
David Tracy Real Estate for Buyers & Sellers

I was hoping that you had received an answer in your comment. I too would like to break in different neighborhoods and need some new answers.

The only thing I know is to do is :

  • Select a neighborhood you would like to market
  • Send post cards at least once a month
  • Try door hangers with brochures about you;
  • Or try DIRECT MAIL VIA USPS, for a smaller fee they will send your direct mail to specific neighborhoods.
  • Start a neighborhood Subdivision Face Book Page. I just had that idea. You will slowly get to know those who live there. Especially if you put the FACE BOOK PAGE info in the direct mailings.

 I know that we need to keep our names (not our company's name) in front of those we want to work with.

Mar 10, 2013 12:16 AM
Nannette Delaney


Thanks so much for those good ideas. I also thought more people might respond as it's a larger problem in many other areas. I think Dick also thought it would be an interesting topic. We are just not used to such a crazy market in our Houston area Metroplex and I do not see it ending, in the ~~hot~~ areas, anytime soon.

The FB page sounds GREAT!!! I wonder how that would compare to having your personal subdivision website and get a good domain name if possible, like in your area, ClearLakeHomes.Com. I'm sure that domain name is taken but something close. I just did this in an area I'd like to market and got a pretty good name. Also, you might consider getting your very own personal website vs the one at HAR. You already have awesome blogs and combining them with your personal website, would be fantastic!

I could help you with your website and subdivision website and maybe you could help me with blogging! Then, we could come up with some other ideas to break into these new areas, we'd like to market! I have become sort of an expert on "what NOT to do" with a website after an expensive education. I just wasted $thousands$'s with a company called Real Estate Tomato, selling me a useless website. So, I decided to get educated about it this time and NOT be taken advantage of, or ripped off by these techie guys ever again!! I am in the process of having my site re-done but the new one is not up yet.

Mar 10, 2013 01:46 AM
Terkel Sørensen
Real Estate Places - Temecula, CA
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Hi Nannette and Sussie,

I'm working on the same issues, smoking hot market here in Socal, listings sell in days not weeks.

I do most of the above, but have added a couple of spices.

In addition to flyers, door hangers and postcards, I also knock on the doors and I try to do open houses on any listing in the area, the open house is a great way to meet the neighbors, and with this market, they are very interested in what their value is. 

I use asystem to drive lots of traffic to the open house, 20+ parties is not unusual in a 4 hour open. 

And yes, that includes both blogging and driving business of Craigslist to my website. 

Nannette,  I will say this, please understand how a Web site works, and more importantly, what it's supposed to do for you, I teach a class on this and it is generally a huge aha moment for attendees. No secrets, most people just don't realize how it works. 

Mar 11, 2013 12:35 AM