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Inspect or Not To Inspect… That is the Question!

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I recently had a home buyer who asked me if having an inspection was necessary since the subject property “looked clean and has gone through a complete renovation over the last two months.” After I explained to him the importance of having an inspection he still questioned why he should spend more money for an inspection that he thought “wasn’t needed.” After explaining to him the importance an inspection would play into his insurance premiums I finally convinced him, for his own protection, to have a professional inspector take a look at the house. Without going into too much detail, the inspection report came back with many items that needed to be corrected. The majority of what was found was minor but the inspection report did uncover a deficiency with one of the major selling points of the property for the buyers. After a short negotiation we were able to make the necessary repairs to the property before closing and everything worked out very positive for both the buyer and the seller. I always stress the importance to any buyers that I work with to get a professional inspection done to any property purchase. Although it can be debatable in certain situations, the assurance that a home inspection provides to any buyer and buyer’s agent is invaluable.


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