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I’m a short sale specialist in Colorado. If you’re looking for information about short sales, how to do a short sale or who to hire to do a short sale, then you’ve found the right video. It is very important that you do your research on the real estate agent that you are hiring to help you with a short sale.

There are many agents that will list a home as a short sale, but there are not very many successful agents when it comes to closing the short sale. Unfortunately, many real estate agents do not take the time to get properly educated and learn about the short sale process by taking classes and finding the proper resources to learn how to negotiate and close short sales. Our team has now successfully closed a little nearly 250 short sale files. We are familiar with all of the bigger banks as well as a lot of the littler banks and credit unions that are located here in Colorado.

Here are a few questions that you should ask when interviewing a short sale agent: 

  1. 1.    How many short sales gave you successfully closed?
  2. 2.    What is your success rate on the files that you negotiate?
  3. 3.    Do you have staff to assist you with the file?
  4. 4.    How will you communicate with me?
  5. 5.    How successful are you in negotiated a waiver of the deficiency?

We are very successful in our closing ratio so if we take your short sale, we’ll do a pre-qualification with you to see if it is actually going to be a viable solution for you because we don’t want to waste your time. We have a 93% closing ratio of all the short sales that we take.

We have a dedicated full time negotiator on our team; that’s all she does every day.  Her job is to negotiate the short sale and keep all parties fully informed of what’s going on with the transaction.

Should you need the services of a short sale specialist and need help, even if you’re not in Colorado, reach out to me and I promise to answer all of your questions.  You can also visit our short sale website: 

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