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My last blog post was about Social CRM (CRM Gets Social) and I figured I would continue that theme in this post.  As I mentioned, Social CRM is making quite the buzz in my industry, so you only have to do an online search to find a myriad of information.  Last week Practical ECommerce also wighed in with 5 Social CRM Tools for Small Business.  Insightly was mentioned, and we are honored to be among those recommended.  

So of those applications recommended by Practical ECommerce, how do you know which Social CRM will work best for your real estate business?  Here’s a quick summary (in case you don’t have time to read the entire Practical ECommerce post).

Batchbook, integrates social media manager Hootsuite into their CRM.  If you’ve ever managed multiple social channels you know how time consuming it can get, so this integration with Hootsuite could be a good option if you need to post, manage and track multiple social channels.  They have a free 30 day trial and offer 2 months free if you pay for an annual plan.

Nimble also has Hootsuite integration.  They have a unified inbox, which allows people to view all the emails in the system.  However, they call themselves a “Social Relationship Manager,” not a CRM.  It’s not clear if this term ‘social relationship manager’ is just a marketing/positioning statement or if they emphasize social channels and de-emphasize traditional CRM functionality.  

BlueCamroo includes customer support, email marketing and back-office features, like expenses management.  Its social component, Social Scout, allows users to post to their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  It also has a search feature that is based on what BlueCamroo calls ‘Sales Opportunities and Buzz’.  Sales Opportunities listens for the use of key phrases on social media -- phrases like “we need,”  “I’m looking for,” etc.  BlueCamroo has a free 30 day trial, but no free account.  

GreenRope CRM is an enterprise CRM with has four core features:  contact management, marketing, project management and calendar.  Everything can easily be managed in one place.  After a 30 day free trial, the lowest pricing plan is $99/month with 1000 contacts.  This does seem a bit pricey for the small business (actually I’m a bit surprised that it was included in this post since the focus was on small business).  However, every one defines small business differently so if you have a small real estate business that may be on the larger side (maybe 100-250 employees?), this application and price point may work for you.

No surprise, but for real estate users we think Insightly offers the best of CRM and social integration with LinkedIn and Twitter.  For very small businesses (1-100 employees) we believe Insightly is most powerful in the actual implementation of CRM and delivers the best value for the money.  Its linking and automated workflow features make it easy for you to be productive and ultimately more profitable.  Its Google sync for contacts and calendar are fast and easy to use.  With just one click, you can save an email in Insightly, or save the contact that the email came from -- all from inside Gmail.  Best of all, Insightly is completely free for three users.  The first tier pricing structure is $29/month for 4-6 users -- that's about $5-7/user/month!  For more information, check out Insightly’s pricing here, and features here.

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