Things are happening in the North Wilmington Market

Real Estate Sales Representative with Prudential Fox & Roach


Being a sales manager of a medium size real estate office in North Wilmington Delaware, I have eyes on the majority of transactions that go through my office. In fact being a hands on manager I have the opportunity to help solve the problems that stem from the sale.

Helping to resolve issues is the fun part of my job particularly when it creates a win for all parties. However, the news media seems to have a focus on painting the real estate market with a brush as broad as the country. For those who will read this blog. It is not that bad, in fact several of my staff have been involved in multiple offers as recently as this past weekend.

This leads me to the  conclusion that the sky is not falling, that the "buble" if there is one in the North East has not broken, and that if the price is favorable and in line with the competition, the home is in good condition, it will sell. Seek the advise of a true professional, interview the agent you select and choose wisely. Then you can rest assured knowing your trusted advisor will give good advise backed by factual information.

The time has never been better with low interest rates and inventory to choose from. Go and buy a property!

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