Menu Monday; Penny's Diner Yuma, Az.

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Today’s Menu Monday comes from Penny’s Diner, located at 1731 South Sunridge Drive Yuma, Az. 85365. Penny’s Diner is none other than, a Diner car with the whole 50’s theme décor.

A short order grill menu, with all the 50’s flair from what makes a diner tasty and fun, Penny’s Diner provides a full menu from breakfast to dinner, with such desserts including milk shakes, pies and other homemade treats.

One meal that I rarely eat is breakfast, but one of my favorite meals for breakfast is biscuits and gravy, and let me tell you that unless they are freshly made, the biscuits will ruin the whole meal.

The plate of biscuits and gravy from Penny’s Diner is exceptionally fresh! The plate I order is the biscuits and gravy “upgraded.” Which allows you to add scrambled eggs, or your choice of either sausage or bacon. The gravy is full and flavorful, but what makes the meal compliment the gravy so well are the freshly made biscuits that are both between fluffy and doughy. As simple as the plate might be, the biscuits are what really make the plate ideal for a great breakfast. The eggs (scrambled) are light and the sausage was nicely spiced to give it a nice change in your plate to go back for more biscuit!

There you have it my friends. Until next Monday, enjoy the company your with, but best of all enjoy a great meal!

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