When you wager on the game.... make sure it's over before you call!!

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Ok... Big lesson here!!  Ol' Brent learned again that same lesson I have learned before!! 


But, alas!!  Evidently I'm a slow learner, or simply the Realtor competitive nature took over and I just couldn't help myself!!  He-he!!  Maybe a little of both!  Definitely a little of both.....


So, there I was, with my kiddos, watching the big game last night.  Because I normally enjoy the Superbowl commercials more than the game itself... (How many of us are there REALLY??? -- go ahead.. be honest...) I decided to at least try and spice things up a bit.  I did however, get really tickled at the end result. 


 First of all Kids know how to text message... even when they are only 8 and 11 yrs old!!  Let that be a lesson to ya!  I'll explain how that factors in...


In my infinite wisdom, or a moment of weakness brought on by the endless deluge of pre-game propaganda boredom, I sent a simple text message to a friend saying "Patriots by 3".  About fifteen minutes later, I receive a message back.... "Already?  Didn't game just start?  --- Working out... keep me apprised of the score.."  


"Aha!!! I thought to myself..... she has no clue what that means... here's my chance!"  Foolish, foolish man....

So, off I go back with "I was thinking wager..."  with a couple of the most innocent looking smiley thingy's I could find in my phone attached....

Ten minutes later, I recieved "Well, should catch last half, I'll say Giants -- no point spread-- loser buys winner lunch this week"  ------ Uh-oh!!! 

Yep, she's done this before..... too late now... I had to go and open my big mouth and give myself a spread....


So... though out the fourth quarter no fewer than 26 more text messages folllow... including such kind things as "Hmmm. looking good for my team!"    and "Mexican food is always good!!" (With one of those dang smiley things evilly attached!! and when I gratiously offerred to let her get on with her beauty rest and just to trust me on the score... "Don't trust you when free food is involved!!"  Now what kind of deal is that???  Where's the mutual trust??? I would have trusted her to go to bed and let me tell her the score....  I don't get it!! :) How rude!  I also recieved several ... "It's not over YETS!"  Hmmph!!  Some people!!

Now, in the meatime, my daughter who was sitting on my lap and my son who was sitting beside me.... both started getting in on the deal... every time the phone went "BEEP!! BEEP!!" to signal another incoming message... they would race to open the phone and see what it was!  Before I knew it, my son is responding with phrases that made me wonder if he had been hanging out in a sports bar.... my 8 yr old would then text them in so fast I couldn't see her fingers moving, all I could see was smoke as it  poured liberally off of the phone's keypad... and this little beige blur of fingers with snippets of red nail polish that must have looked cute at one time, before she climbed the neighbor's tree......  I was in awe!!

And so.. we take the lead.. Patriots are not going to let me down tonight!!  Just as I had imagined/ hoped it would go... right there towards the end... two minutes left in the game.... a SURE THING!!!  So, of course a congratulatory call was in order -- where was my call????  Sore loser... I'd better send her another text message.... remind her of my free lunch and go ahead and suggest my favorite mexican food resturaunt before she suggests Taco Bell.... 

So, I have my eight year old fire off aother response..... "On The Border is sounding really good!!"  along with a winky face, a smiley face, a laughing face, and just for good measure --- a tearful face as I knew she must be depressed that she had lost, I was trying to convey that I shared in her agony of defeat... In my mind, I could already see the meat and potatoe burrito, covered with steaming hot beans and rice, a bowl of chilled  and the endless basket of fresh chips... I could smell the food it was so real!!!  Come to think of it.. she really ought to spring for a magarita too..... and dessertt sounds good.... maybe we could even get some nachos for an appetizer..... just to warm up the ole appetite!!!   Mmmm, mmmm mmmm.....  gonna be so good!!!

Could no longer take it... I wanted to tie her down to Wednesday... my only avalaible lunch day.. better do it quick!!


You know.....  I really wish people wouldn't "order up" on you ---- when you offer, no wait... HAVE to buy them lunch!!!!! How rude!!  He-he-he!!!

Short version is this... I do get the opportunity to have lunch with a friend, and that's what's important!! :)





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Sondra Meyer:
Colorado Springs, CO
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Shame on you!!!! :) 

Welcome back to AR.   


Feb 06, 2008 02:54 PM