30 Series - 30 Ways To Get Business

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Reshawna wrote this very interesting post back in Feb. and I noticed it didn't get many comments. I'm hoping that a second time around might get it noticed and read. I think she has some pretty good suggestions and ideas. I've disable commenting on this post so that you can leave comments directly on her blog.  

Original content by ReShawna Leaven

30 Series - 30 Ways To Get Business

Here are a few ideas and reminders of ways to get business.

  1. Ask for business
  2. Blog for business
  3. Create videos of useful tips, industry news about real estate
  4. Create videos of useful tips, industry news about things to do in the area
  5. Partner with a loan officer, co-market and split the fees
  6. Advertise your services and listings
  7. Hold open houses
  8. Stay connected with your sphere of influence
  9. Search friend’s activities on Facebook and Twitter for life changing events: new babies, hints of possible relocation needs, etc. People like to talk about themselves. We just have to read and respond accordingly. Send them a short message on the topic
  10. Email your database
  11. Connect with more people on Linkedin
  12. Create eBooks and post to sites for more exposure
  13. Create several ads on Craigslist
  14. Create free reports for buyers and use lead capture to potential home buyers.
  15. Create free reports for sellers and use lead capture to potential home sellers.
  16. Post to your Facebook page
  17. Update your Linkedin status
  18. Tweet someone on your Twitter page
  19. Check-in on Foursquare and post a link of a listing near by that someone may like
  20. Pass out at least 6 business cards a day (Give 2 cards per person) = Meet new 3 people
  21. Give your business cards to your family and friends
  22. Join a sports club, PTA (if you have children), Women’s Council of Realtors, Chamber of Commerce and network there
  23. Join a BNI – Business Network International
  24. Host a networking event
  25. Attend networking events
  26. Share that you kindly send and receive real estate referrals and state your FEE.
  27. Are you going to be holding an open house? Knock on 5 doors to the right and left. Then repeat the same thing across the street and hand them a flier and a neighbor preview before the open house begins and ask if they know of anyone that would like to be their neighbor.
  28. Consider getting a mentor
  29. Consider getting a coach
  30. Make sure you follow up because if you don’t some other agent will

I had an epiphany – “Each person I meet could be a sale which could lead to $6,000 in commission. Think if I received just one buyer or seller from each of these acts that’s 30 deals totaling $180,000 for the year.” In real estate the possibilities are endless.

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