Banks Won't Take Your Digital Signature? Here's how to do it anyway

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Benutech and ReboCollab Paperless Workflow for RealtorsI have had quite few comments on the post I wrote comparing Dotloop, Docusign and Cartavi (check it out here). This week I looked into another software solution from recent startup company Benutech called ReboCollab

Brian Fox gave me a call after reading my blog and invited me on a tour of this cool platform. (It's not available in Missouri right now, but many markets are supporting this with more being added as we speak). 


Brian and his team are tackling a few of the major issues in the Paperless and Online transaction world for Realtors. This product will compete directly with Dotloop and Cartavi but offers a few creative touches that I haven't seen before. (Props to these guys for giving NEW LIFE to the QR code... more on that later).




Benutech and ReboCollab Paperless Workflow for Realtors

My best take-away from this software is the solving of a MAJOR problem: Banks often will not accept digital signatures from Docusign, Digisign and the like. ReboCollab has come up with a solution involving our favorite buzz item that never was: the QR Code! Every page of a document is bar coded for a transaction, so it can be printed, signed with ink, then scanned back to the software. ReboCollab will read the bar code and swap out the original with this newly signed version (while keeping the original in an archived history).

Very sweet. Great solution to this guys!



Benutech and ReboCollab Paperless Workflow for Realtors

I haven't used this software personally, but from the demo it's super easy (drag and drop files) and allows easy sharing between people in the transaction. Simple is the key here and less becomes more. 


Overall, I'd give this one of the better reviews compared to comparable solutions, but there is still a glaring issue that can't seem to be solved by these online transaction software platforms: AUTO-FORWARD to the next person who needs to sign!!  (bang bang goes my drum)

~~~SIDEBAR~~~ Will Docusign please stand up for a minute? Ok, thanks. Most of us have used this software (my personal favorite if you've ever read my blog) for the simple reason that IT WORKS!! I can tell Docusign to send to my Mr. Seller, then Mrs. Seller, then when they are done it will AUTOMATICALLY send a copy of the completed contract to the lender, title co, front office and my third cousin if I wanted to! Just put those addresses in and BOOM BOOM BOOM, email me when that's taken care of, thank you very much.

Back to ReboCollab, Dotloop and Cartavi. These guys "check out" the document to one party at a time, and then I go back in to pass it along to the next. Meh. Blah. Yuk. 


BUT....... Overall, there is some good progress being made out there. From what I'm hearing, there will be some major advances THIS YEAR for these types of solutions, allowing us to better serve our clients and cutting down on the paper-pushing and "where is the most recent version of this addendum" for us. 


For those of you who have used ReboCollab, what have been your experiences?

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Jean Hanley
Coldwell Banker Kivett Teeters - Hemet, CA
Specializing in Folks Who Want To Buy/Sell Homes

Jay, thanks for the cool sites I have not seen yet.  Well, except Docusign and Dotloop.  I have some difficulty getting "agents" to accept e-signed documents.  i don't think they even run it by the bank

Mar 13, 2013 08:11 AM

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