Congrats to Our Friends at Gateway Bank Mortgage's Reverse Division

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Hello Local Wilmington Folks,

I just wanted to take a minute and give a quick shout out to Greg Gianoplus, John Perritt, and Dan Hagarty at Gateway Bank Mortgage's new Reverse Mortgage Division. Greg, Dan, and I used to work together at AAXA Discount Mortgage here in the local Wilmington market. At that time, John was an account representative with InterFirst who was a large wholesale lender which AAXA frequently used. 

Recently Greg, John and Dan starting offering reverse mortgage assistance throughout much of the bank's footprint which encompasses most of the southeatern seaboard. Full disclosure, Greg and I are partners at CMG Equities, LLC which owns the mortgage rate research web site, With that being said, I just wanted to help spread the word about their new endeavour. I've had a great experiece working with all three guys over the years.

I do not know a lot about reverse mortgages other than that they've changed (I think for the better) since I left the mortgage industry in 2010 and that there are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding these loan. HECM loans were designed by HUD and are backed by the Federal Housing Administration. There is a whole lot of information on their web site including pages exploring frequently asked questions.

Once again, congratulations to these guys and best of luck growing your business and filling a need in the community. Below is a photo of the crew that appeared in a recently article in Wrightsville Beach Magazine.

John Perritt, Greg Gianoplus, and Dan Hegarty at Gateway Bank Mortgage 

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