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Parkland's High School principal is being forced out!!

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Parkland's High School principal is being forced out!!  According to several news sources in the Broward County area, the school board is not renewing contracts with approx. 10 principals.  To the suprise of Stoneman Douglas High School parents and Parkland Mayor Michael Udine, Washington Collado is included in the group. This is, despite the fact that Stoneman Douglas is an "A" school and ranked in the top 1% of the nation.  Mayor Udine told Channel 10 News  "This came out of left field for us and was very concerning as parents and community leaders."

There are rummors as to the school board's motivation for this decision.  Reagardless of their reasons, Parklanders should be concerned. As a long time realtor in Parkland, I know our superior schools have a major impact on our property values.  Lets face it, many of us choose to move to Parkland because of the schools. Stoneman Douglas is one of the last remaining REALLY GREAT HIGH SCHOOLS in Broward.  So lets support our schools and the people who make them great!!

There is a SUPPORT PRINCIPAL COLLADO Rally on Thursday March 14 at 2 p.m. It will be held at in front of Douglas High School on the sidewalk.