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Portland Real Estate Coach is my YouTube and iTunes video podcast that answers viewers questions about real estate.  This is Episode #1 which is a welcome to Portland Real Estate Coach and I also explain the reason why this podcast is important.

In short, I've been selling real estaste since 1991 and have been asked (and I answered) some of the same questions 100's of times.  Now I am doing it for everyone's benefit via video.  Take a peek!


 If you are interested in seeing what's available regarding properties in West Linn, click the links below for:


$199,999 and less              


$200,000 - $399,999              


$400,000 - $599,999              


$600,000 - $799,999              


$800,000 - $999,999              


$1,000,000 and above            


Your Very Own Custom Real Estate Home Search!


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