Big Cracks Over Door Frames

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Hi, All!

I am working with buyers who have taken early occupancy in the home they are under contract to buy.  The home inspector suggested a structural engineer to evaluate cracking over one of the door frames.  Engineer said it was normal and nothing to worry about.

During the walk through before they took occupancy, they saw another crack in a different place that looked worse than the first.  So, they called the engineer back.  He went into the crawl space.  "Blessed" the foundation.  Said it wasn't a structural issue.  Then proceeded to describe a complicated "fix" should this come back again.  Buyers were not happy, but willing to accept.

Now, they found the crack in this photo hidden behind the curtain.  Either the home inspector didn't see this or it's a new one.

This home was built in 2005 by a reputable builder. 

Buyers feel seller should pay to "fix" not patch these issues using the fix described by the structural engineer.  By the way... $725K! 

Seller feels that buyers had their inspections, moved into the house, and it's all over but the accounting (closing next week).  Other agent feels that walk throughs are not the time to evaluate these sort of issues, and the buyers have no right to make any demands at this point.

What would you do?  Obviously it's my job to support my buyers.  And, in their position, I would be equally upset.  They have retained a lawyer in case this gets ugly.  I welcome your comments and thoughts here.


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