Who would you rather work with?

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Who would you rather work with?

That's a great question to consider when you approach your own marketing...(and I will get to why that is in a minute...)

When it comes to marketing one's business, one generally focuses on how to communicate their own expertise and value to the prospect. You see it all the time in every field....the websites have some version of "why work with us/me". In real estate, virtually every website starts with a "team bio" if you will...and has something to the effect of: "I/we give our all"..."I/weoffer exceptional results"..."I/we go the extra mile"..."I am commited to my clients"...etc, etc.
But what about when you are trying to decide who to work with in another field? Maybe you are trying to decide on a builder or other contractor. You may be going on a referral, of course, but let's say you are still trying to decide on whic one to go with...

Let's say you make contact (in person or through their website) with Builder A, and he tells you about all the houses/additions/projects he's built/done, how commited he is to his clients, how long he's been in business, etc etc. He says he'd be ahppy to come to your house and give you an estimate/proposal/advice. You thank him for his time and say you will let him know.


You make contact (either in person or through their website) with Builder B and he tells you much of the same information, BUT he also offers to email you some information on how to _____ (fill in the blank with info about the project you are about to hire someone to do). You receive the report from him and it really helps you narrow down and plan exactly what you want to build/do. It also helps you understand what to expect, what decisions you'll need to make and when...basiclaly, the information he sends you makes the entire process easier, less stressful and much more fun. In the days (and maybe weeks) after you get the report, you get a few more emails from the builder, checking in with more information that helps you prepare for your project. He doesn't pitch himself or his services to you, he just provides information and closes each email with something like "feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions or if I can be of help in any way." No pressure, no pitching, just helpful and giving.

So...two builders, both have great reputations, both can undoubtedy do the job and do it well, but...

One talks only about what he can do for you and why you should hire him.

The other doesn't talk about that. The other just selflessly, and with no guarantee of getting your business, gives you information that will help you in your upcoming project, no matter whom you hire.

Which builder would you rather work with?

Your answer, and the reasons behind it, should be something you consider with each and every decision you make when it comes to your own marketing.

If you think Builder B's "system" sounds good and you might be interested in having your own system that automatically provides valuable information and consistent, valuable follow up contact...and you want it all done for you, click here to check out Lead Beach to learn more.


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