Paloma Del Sol Short Sales

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Paloma Del Sol Short Sales

Short Selling Your Paloma Del Sol HomeIf you are a resident in Paloma Del Sol and considering a short sale as an alternative to foreclosing, one question you should ask before hiring an agent is, "HOW MANY SHORT SALES have they done in the past 6 months?" Rules and guidelines are changing daily and unless they have experience, the odds of them successfully completing a short sale for you will drop dramatically.

Our company, (REAL ESTATE PAPER PUSHERS) is not a real estate company. We negotiate on your behalf with the banks for TOP SHORT SALE LISTING AGENTS who have the experience you will need to complete a successful transaction. What does this mean for you? When you contact us about short selling your home, we will put you in touch with an experienced professional who understands the entire process and can help guide you through it all.


ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Our fees are paid by the agents who specialize in the Paloma Del Sol community who employ us to negotiate the short sale. Our success rate is astronomical compared to individual agents who only perform a few transactions a year. No one on our team has less than 3 years experience negotiating short sales full time. This means that some of our negotiators have done well over 200 transactions in a year. Our EXPERIENCE is priceless and it costs you nothing.

Who is the number 1 Short Sale Realtor in Paloma Del Sol? A better question to ask is who is the number short sale negotiator in Temecula? It is the negotiator who works with the Agent who gets your deal closed.

Our minds don’t work the way we think they do

Do you want to avoid a foreclosure on your home in Paloma Del Sol?

If you or anyone you know in Temecula’s beautiful community of Paloma Del Sol could benefit from our help, we are here to answer any questions. Please read more about our services for Paloma Del Sol homeowners on our website.


Temecula Agents, Real Estate Paper Pushers specializes in short sale negotiation and transaction coordination. If you have a standard sale and need a Temecula Transaction Coordinator, call us (951) 335-0700 or check out our website. You will love the service we provide.

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